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  • Basic Questions:

    What is about? is an online auction platform that offers a variety of products and services from a wide range of categories like men and women fashion, electronics,travels, and entertainmentfor prices so low, 95% of the retail price is saved. is different from the typical traditional auctions; it combines the English and Bidding fee method of auctioning as bids are purchased beforehand and bidding occurs in fixed increments.

  • How does work?

    Visit the website, register by creating a username and password. Buy a bid pack, these packs contain coins that enable a user participate in auctions; place a bid on desired product. One bid coin is deducted from your bid pack with every bid placed. An auction ends when there have been no bids on an item for 15 seconds and the highest bidder is crowned as the winner of that auctioned item.

  • How do I sign up?

    Visit, fill out the registration form; create a username and password, account would be verified by via Sms or E-mail. After registration abonus of 3 coins will be credited into your Hamabid Wallet.

  • I have created an account already, how do I sign in?

    Simply click on this link, fill out your username and password.

  • Bidding:

    What are Bids?

    Bids enable you participate in our live auctions. Bids come in form of coins and one each is deducted from your account at every bid made for an item.

  • How do I buy Bids?

    When you first register, you will receive 3 free bids to get you started. In order to acquire additional bids you may either: Acquire free bids by inviting friends. You can get 10% bonus bids of the first Bid pack a friend you have invited buys OR purchase additional bids by clicking on the 'Buy Bids' button and following the instructions .The 'Buy Bids' button is located in the top right section of the website and takes you to the different Bid Packs available, you select from the bid package that suits you most, we have options ranging from #500 that contains five bid coins to #50,000 that contains 1500 bids. You can pay securely using Visa & MasterCard

  • How do I bid at an auction?

    Bidding on is easy with a fun filled experience. Click on the live auctions to view items on auction, once you have found your desired item, click the “Bid Now” button to place a bid on the item. Before bidding, you have to fund your wallet with your preferred bid pack option as bids make you eligible to participate in auctions.

  • Do I need to set up an account to place a bid?

    Yes you do, Registration and purchasing a bid packages are what enables you participate in our live auctions. Register for free and enjoy the following benefits:

    .Bid at auctions, be notified when new items are listed, manage your account
    details, order history, bidding history, and email preferences.

    . Track your orders and review closed auctions; save your auction details and
    address for faster processing

  • Products Information:

    Are these products brand new?

    Our Auctions are premised on the principle of "As is", "Where is". “As is” refers to the state of the item: a description of the item as it is! The description would indicate its state: whether new or used; its condition, and specifications.

  • How can you sell luxury brands at such low prices?

    Bids purchased and used at auctions fund the cost of the products, allowing us to sell products to our final bidder at very low prices. The pre-paid system of our auction routine also allows us to offer luxury brands at extremely low prices.

  • How authentic are the products forauctions?

    We guarantee that all our items are 100% genuine and authentic as evidenced by the original tags and original packaging. We also only deal with the official suppliers and distributors of the brands we feature.

  • Fairness in Auction

    What is Fairness in Auctions?

    The integrity and fairness of our auction process is key to the sustainability of our website. We explicitly state that does not use systems OR robots that automatically bid on our auctions, we also guarantee that no staff of is allowed to bid in auctions.

  • Payment and Delivery:

    How do I know I’ve won an auction?

    The last bidder before the auction timer runs out is declared the winner and their username would be displayed underneath the auctioned product.

  • How do I make payment for win auctions?

    Sign in and go to MY ACCOUNT > Auctions > Won. Clicking the "Pay" button will take you to the payment mode selection page. The transaction process can take as long as a few minutes to several days, after which you will receive a notification that your payment has been posted.

  • What payment methods does Hamabid accept?

    Payments can be made through Visa and Master cards. Payment will be debited and cleared from your account at time of purchase of a bid pack or won auction item that has been purchased at check out.

  • How do I get products I’ve won delivered?

    Itemswon would be shipped from vendors within 14 days of payment confirmation for free. Winners have to go to the location of immoveable items such as houses to claim their winnings.

  • Technical Issues:

    Why did my bid not register?

    Sometimes the Internet lag can delay your bid in reaching 'hamabid' servers. This can be caused by a number of things, but is usually due to high traffic somewhere between your PC and our servers. There are a number of ways to reduce the chance of this happening:
    1. Don't leave your bidding until the very last second.
    2. Don't download or send large files while using 'hamabid'.

  • Why did my bid button become transparent making it difficult to click on?

    When you lose your internet connection, we disable the bid button in order to prevent you from placing bids that will be delivered to us when you reconnect.