2 Biggest Mistakes Beginners Make

2 Biggest Mistakes Beginners Make

Winning auctions is what everyone wants to do on Hamabid, but only a few people know how to do so, and so we came up with this article to help the many understand what only the few may or may not know. Without further ado, let’s get on with it.
Actually, ado. We do not guarantee that doing what’s advised in this article will definitely lead you to winning more auctions, rather, we guarantee that it will increase your chances of winning. Okay, let’s go on.


The Bid Buddy Magic

For those who are not familiar with this feature, the Bid Buddy helps you place bids when you are unable to. All you need to do is tell your bid buddy the amount of bids you’re willing to spend on a particular item, and hope to God that no one else is willing to spend that much. 
The problem with the bid buddy however is that it should only be used if you have a lot—and by a lot, we mean a hell of a lot—of bids. 

Users new to Hamabid mostly require some time and help before they completely understand our auction platform and start winning auctions. We here at Hamabid hate for any new user to struggle with using the website. We understand you can shop anywhere, so we want for you to succeed on our site and to enjoy yourself doing it. So we wrote this article to help you not lose money during your beginner phase.

Let’s start with two scenarios typically encountered by new Hamabid users: 

Scenario 1: Emeka TooMuchMoney purchases N10,000 worth of bids in an attempt to win the auction for a new MacBook Pro. “Make sense!” Emeka says. “I go hama with this laptop for just N3,000!”  

True to his last name, Emeka spends all his bids on the MacBook Pro auction, but doesn’t walk away with a brand new computer. 

“Nna eh! This Hamabid na SCAM!” Emeka says. “I no do again.“  The story ends sadly for Emeka and Hamabid both, since he lost N3,000 and we lost a customer.

Scenario 2: Bolanle stumbles upon the Hamabid site, drawn in by the amazing low prices that Hamabid products sell for. “How hard can this be?” she says. “This’ll be fun!”

Bolanle buys a BidPack and dives into the action headfirst. She spends N3,000 worth of bids before realizing that auctions reset every time someone bids. “I can’t believe I wasted all this money” she says  “Nonsense!” 

And so ends another sad story.

We’ve heard many stories like these and other different ones. Everyone hates losing money, and we don’t want anybody to walk away empty-handed like Emeka or Bolanle, who fell victim to some of the biggest mistakes beginners make on Hamabid. They are:

Bidding Before Knowing How Hamabid Works
As with anything you invest your money in, do research before jumping into it. We strongly suggest reading as many articles from the Hamabid for Beginners section of our blog before partaking in any auctions.

Setting Unrealistic Expectations
We can’t stress this enough; beginners need to set realistic goals when participating in auctions. Being new to an online auction, you shouldn’t expect to win a laptop on the first try—sometimes with only the cheapest bid pack available. We’re not saying it couldn’t happen… it could and it has. BUT, the odds are VERY LOW. Know that you’ll be bidding against users with far more experience and that the odds are against you because of it. Start out with smaller items.

Knowledge is power. Read the rest of the Hamabid For Beginner articles to learn more about hamabid and increase your chances of winning.

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