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Hamabid Food Combo Bundle

Hamabid Food Combo Bundle

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Stock up your storehouse and kitchen cabinets with the Hamabid Food Combo Bundle, which contains all the food items you need from only the best brands you love. The  Hamabid Food combo bag consists of the following food items:


In The Pack:

A Bag of Rice (50kg)

A Bag of Beans

A  Bag of Ijebu Garri

Grand pure soya oil(10ltrs)

Palm Oil (5ltrs)

4 packs of Royco

3 Packs of Mr. Chef Salt

A Carton of Gino tomato paste

A Carton of Indomie

A carton of Golden Penny Spaghetti

A bag of Golden Penny Semovita

6 Packs of Tomato Ketchup

A pack of Cocopops

Large size milo and milk

Retail price: ₦145,000.00 Minimum price: ₦108.00
Feb 5th, 16:50:26 PrincessJasmine
Feb 5th, 16:50:25 Tehmithorpeh
Feb 5th, 16:50:16 PrincessJasmine
Feb 5th, 16:50:11 Omode
Feb 5th, 16:49:59 PrincessJasmine
Feb 5th, 16:49:57 Tehmithorpeh
Feb 5th, 16:49:48 PrincessJasmine
Feb 5th, 16:49:46 Omode
Feb 5th, 16:49:45 Tehmithorpeh
Feb 5th, 16:49:44 McTwinko

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